Win a share of the 80 mBTC Prize Pool on Mascot Race

Race to the top on Mascot Race for a share of the 80 mBTC Prize Pool!

There are 15 spots on the leaderboard, and the faster you join, the more chances you have to win the bigger share.

Important: The Mascot Race runs from May 13 to May 15.

All mBitcasino players are invited to join, and you can keep reading to find out how to win big.

How to join the Mascot Race?

It’s very easy to join this race, there’s no opt-in required, and all you have to do is play any of the following slots:

Mascot Race Leaderboard

Here’s what you can expect if you reach the leaderboard: 

1st Place 15 mBTC
2nd Place 12 mBTC
3rd Place 10 mBTC
4th Place 8 mBTC
5th Place 7 mBTC
6th Place 7 mBTC
7th Place 5 mBTC
8th Place 5 mBTC
9th Place 3 mBTC
10th Place 3 mBTC
11th Place 1 mBTC
12nd Place 1 mBTC
13th Place 1 mBTC
14th Place 1 mBTC
15th Place 1 mBTC

The best part about Mascot Race is that the score on the leaderboard is based on the bet multiplier, not the bet amount. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a high roller or low roller; all mBit players have a chance to win!

Play at mBitcasino!

If you want to check out the results of the Mascot Race, you can visit Discord. We’re going to announce the winners there on May 16.

We also have other promotions going on at the moment; you can also check out the Є60,000 PRIZE POOL ON THE SPINOMENAL TOURNAMENT.

Get ready, set, spin!