Use These 4 Strategies to Win Big on Cash or Crash

If you’re yet to play the Cash or Crash live gameshow, then you’re missing out on an epic title from the award-winning developer, Evolution! This lottery-style game will take you on a journey full of lows and highs as you try to make the best decisions for your bankroll. In a test of your wits, Cash or Crash will tempt you with increased multipliers on each new rung of the ladder, but do you have the nerve or will you take some or all of your bet back?

As with any casino game, utilising the best Cash or Crash strategies is the secret to success. However, with so many available, which is the best one for you and your bankroll? Well, this article will give you a rundown of the strategies that you can use so that you can grab some epic crypto wins when playing!

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of those strategies, let’s first take a look at some of the basics of this entertaining live gameshow from Evolution.

How to Play Evolution’s Cash or Crash?

Cash or Crash is a simple game to play but totally unique in the world of live casino games. It uses an air-machine to pluck balls of differing colours from a tombola. If a green ball is sucked out, you climb a multiplier ladder and win the multiplier for that level. You now have three choices:

  1. Leave your stake in the game and hope to find another green ball and thus climb another rung on the ladder.
  2. Take half of your winnings and leave the rest in.
  3. Take all your winnings and wait for the next round.

Anytime a red ball lands, it ends the round you lose your stake. The only exception is when the single Gold ball is sucked out of the machine. This protects you against the next red ball that comes out. When under the protection of the gold ball, you can leave your entire stake in the game as the next red ball no longer ends the round! Plus, once the gold ball is drawn, the multipliers on each rung increase.

What to Know Before Playing Cash or Crash?

  • The tombola contains 19 green, 8 red, and 1 gold ball.
  • Played using an optimal strategy, Cash and Crash delivers an impressive 99.59% RTP.
  • The top payout is 18,000x but that increases to 50,000x if the gold ball has been drawn.
  • There’s 20 rungs to climb on the multiplier table (see below)

The table below shows you the multiplier for each level and also the multiplier for each level once the gold ball has been drawn:

Level 20 18,000x 50,000x
Level 19 6,000x 11,000x
Level 18 2,900x 4,000x
Level 17 1,200x 1,500x
Level 16 550x 760x
Level 15 310x 360x
Level 14 160x 175x
Level 13 95x 105x
Level 12 54x 62x
Level 11 33x 36x
Level 10 21.5x 24x
Level 9 15x 16x
Level 8 10x 10.5x
Level 7 7.1x 8x
Level 6 5x 5x
Level 5 3.6x 4x
Level 4 2.7x 3.1x
Level 3 2x 2.2x
Level 2 1.6x 1.7x
Level 1 1.2x 1.2x

What is the Best Strategy to Win on Cash or Crash?

As with any casino game, the house will always have an edge over you when playing Cash or Crash. That said, there are several strategies that you can use that could negate some of that edge. Simply choose the one that suits your playstyle and you should stand a better chance when playing Cash or Crash.

The Boring but Profitable Strategy

If you’re the type of player where entertainment comes second to a winning strategy, this is the one for you. This is the strategy that offers the best RTP but also the least enjoyment. Essentially, you just cash out all of your bet whenever the first green ball lands. There’s double the number of green balls, so you should win more than you lose. However, you will only win 1.2x your stake each time.

The Take Half and Risk the Rest Strategy

If you prefer to take a bit more risk when playing Cash or Crash, you can just take back half your profits each time a green ball lands. Once you have cleared two rungs of the ladder and have taken half each time, you’re now playing with free money. Just continue taking half every time that you win to ensure that you’re getting some profit each time.

The Go Big or Go Home Strategy

This is for those of you that are looking for the big wins. This will lose you money most of the time but if your pockets are deep enough, it could pay off when that one round produces a mega payout. Keep all of your money in the middle and do not collect it as you climb the ladder and the multipliers. Do this until your nerve cannot take anymore!

The Blimp Strategy

Cash or Crash has one feature that can help you make your decisions. It will tell you the chances of the green and red balls to draw. Use the Take Half and Risk the Rest or Go Big or Go Home strategies until the chance of a green ball being drawn is lower than a red ball. At that point, take out all of your money.

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